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Be part of history  get your own Flying Car model and contribute to development of 1:1 scale vehicle



 is a revolutionary new remote controlled hybrid car-quadcopter with a patent pending design. On flat surfaces B can reach high speeds using its rear wheel drive. Due to its large wheel diameter of 210 mm it achieves outstanding performance in driving across difficult terrain. As the obstacles become too big, simply take-off and fly over them. B-EX is a model that provides an extraordinary experience. B is virtually unstoppable, capable of transitioning between ground and air allowing the development of tricks otherwise impossible to achieve.Read more

Future Of Invention

B the flying car


currently trying to rise money for prototype of 1:1 scale wheel with coaxial set up . This way we could reduce the wheel diameter by half. The setup would implement two variable pitch propellers ( 50- 60 inch) we aim to get about 150-200 kg of thrust from single wheel..

If you share our dream please Donate, raised funds will go towards work around 1:1 scale.  Be part of the future  and help us to TAKE THIS DREAM OFF THE GROUND! THANK YOU!


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Watch B in action